America: A Call to Greatness


America: A Call to Greatness was filmed on location at the Disney-MGM Studios (Florida) during the summer of 1994 and at the location stages of Paige-Brace Cinema (Hollywood) and production stages of South Coast Film and Video (Houston) in early 1995. For seven months, production director, Warren Chaney traveled the United States with a film crew in order to capture specific location footage for the production. In addition, hundreds of hours of background footage were filmed such that little stock footage was required for the finished production. In fact, only two brief clips from President John Kennedy’s inaugural address and Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech were used.  All else was original footage.

The production company for America: A Call to Greatness was Paige-Brace Cinema. The Executive Producers were Joseph Hilyard, Michael Tilemann and Cress Darwin. Warren Chaney was contracted to write the screenplay as well as produce the feature. He also became the film’s director.

Well known actors of the time were contracted as guest Hosts of the production. Several of the personalities came out of retirement in order to participate including famous leading lady, Jane Russell and the legendary actor/singer/businessman, Gene Autry.
The Alamo                                                                                              Monument Valley
One of the many locations for America: A Call to Greatness.


America: A Call to Greatness was distributed by Millennial Entertainment out of New York. It premiered to a standing ovation in Washington, D.C. at the annual conference for the Council for National Policy. It followed in other theatrical venues and then by demand, moved into special venue screenings for conventions, gatherings and conclaves across the nation in halls and theatres for over a decade. Occasionally broadcast on special events, the production was never released to video until March of 2011. 

As the nation' mood became more patriotic and constitutional in nature, the popularity of America: A Call to Greatness remains as high as it was upon its original release over 15 years ago.
 W.Chaney w/actor David Rankin                                   Filming at Princeton University              
Actor David Rankin (portraying Patrick Henry) talks with Warren Chaney as Phillip Nichols, Makeup Artist, adjusts prosthetics.